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Hi everyone! Long time no see. This is a strange journal entry, because I don't plan on becoming super active on DA. It's one of those websites where I find it snowballs and I end up not having time to manage it, and then I end up trying to avoid it because my inbox is so full. But, I do seem to have things sorted out somewhat, so I thought I'd post a quick update in case anyone is still actively watching me.

What have I been up to? Well, writing. Writing original fiction. I've sold a short story to a well respected Science Fiction/Fantasy magazine, and I'm hoping to sell a few more soon in the coming year (so excited about this). I also have the first "final" draft of my novel completed. I sent it out, received a very nice rejection from the publisher. Then I sent it to a private editor and received feedback. I know what I have to do to fix it up. It was a learning experience, because I'm so used to writing short fiction that writing a coherent 100k word story was tricky. I've shelved it for the moment so I can practice and then come back to it and hack it up. All my issues are technical problems (eg. how to frame exposition, etc. in a longer work) instead of writing and character, so it's stuff that just comes with practice.

What does this mean?? I'm back writing fanfiction again! (I can't seem to do original and fanfic at the same time; the muses fight.) 

What is the fandom, you might ask? Ahahahahaha, Doctor Who of course. The new bastion for all SF geeks. My husband and I started watching it about a month ago and can't figure out why we didn't watch the new series sooner. At the moment I'm just writing 9th Doctor stuff, because he is fantastic (sorry, my bad), but I expect I'll branch into 10 and 11 eventually. Eventually. You'll have to tear 9 from my fingers, because he is amazing to write. 

I really encourage you to watch and/or read some Doctor Who stuff if you like SF at all, because you have lots of Doctors to pick from, the classic/new series to watch, and an immense diversity of good story-telling. It's worth it. (If you want someplace to start, try watching the new series from 9 onward. Lots of people don't like him, because 10 is a lot more .... happy. But I love 9. He's awesome.)

I might get around to submitting these stories to DA eventually, but in the meantime, here's my updated profile with the stories:

I won't be posting the link to my original fiction just because I'm trying to keep my fanfiction identity and professional writing identity separate. However, I hope you'll notice at least a small difference in the quality of my writing. Fanfiction is also a place where I can explore and try new things, so you might see longer stories, shorter stories, etc. 

Anyway, I'll be around/not around DA. I should be able to reply to comments, just not hold really long conversations. I hope all of you have been doing well. :)

~ dhj



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Hobby photographer and fanfiction writer. Professional spec-fic writer offline. Lover of all things geeky.

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Thanks for the fav! :D
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    Thanks for faving :)
Doctor Who by Joe-Roberts 
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Sorceress-Eiva Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012
Hey there, stranger.~ It's been a while since your last journal and it's been a long time since my last one on here, too- I think overall, it's safe to say that I don't really use dA too much anymore, asides from checking messages from time-to-time. I just wanted to drop in and say a big happy new year to you, and somewhat belated Christmas- I hope that you're well, and life is wonderful for you. You were always such a lovely person to talk to, completely wonderful and friendly and not at all intimidating, and I learnt a lot through reading your works. I hope I can continue to improve on my own stuff in the future and bump it up to your level. :)
I know that you probably won't see this- or if you do, it'll be a long while until then- but I felt it was right just to at least drop this (possibly last?) message to you. I miss seeing your stuff and your journals pop up every now and again, and I can only wish you the best in life.
Zaera-D Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2011   Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave! :D
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